Origin Story

I started The Believe Project back in 2010. Initially conceived as a therapeutic exercise to confront the social anxiety of being a stranger in a strange land, it became a way for me to explore a question that has plagued me since childhood: What did I believe?
It’s a big question not everyone cares to think about, let alone answer. So I’m very grateful to those who have. Not just for making the prospect of talking to a stranger, or being turned down a little less nerve-wracking, but for being the conduits for my continuing education.
Each and every person you’ll find in this blog has been a teacher. Many have inspired me to think about the world in a different way. Collectively they have challenged my assumptions about the power of belief, if not the nature of reality itself.
Perhaps in another seven years I’ll be ready to commit to a belief. Until then, I’ll keep asking the question.

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