Permanent TSB




Client Permanent TSB via Morgan McKinley
Project Employer Brand
Date 2019
In the face of low trust, and increasing competition for talent from sexy new fintech companies, what’s a legacy banking brand to do? How do you attract candidates otherwise flocking, like moths to a flame, to start-ups promising ping pong and the remote possibility of being in on an IPO? How do you build an employer brand while ensuring buy-in from existing staff?
You exploit the tension between the truth of your culture and the desires of your target audience.
Employee interviews and a stakeholder workshop were used to develop an employer brand proposition: We Are Banking On Different. Following approval, a recruitment campaign, dubbed Evolutionaries, brought the proposition to life. Print and outdoor were proposed as launch media, with targeted digital to appeal to specific talent verticals. An interactive microsite was proposed to heroise existing employees, build team cohesion and bring the Bank’s culture to life.
The campaign captured the audience and the brand’s mutual need for change, while leveraging the consumer brand assets in a way that was both fresh and familiar.


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