Morgan McKinley

Real People. Real Opportunity. Real, Meaningful Work.

Client Morgan McKinley
Project Employer Branding
Date 2018

In a world of fakery and spin, latte bars and on-site masseurs, how can a hard-working, global recruitment firm compete for recruits?
Easy: Get Real.
Developed as Hammer & Tongs, Morgan McKinley’s Employer Brand needed to cut to the heart of what the organisation offered: hands-on experience, autonomy and responsibilityminus the pointless perks.
While the clients loved the proposition and the combination of portraiture and illustration, they didn’t buy into the epic recruitment stunt we pitched. Which is a real shame. Because the spectacle of having a full-stack developer, locked in a golden bird cage for a week, in Dublin’s Silicon Docklands (with concierge service, of coursewe’re not animals) would have delivered some Marina Abramović-level bonkers, and the free press to go with it.
Oh well. There’s always next time ;/


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