Mito, 36
“Yogi, Seeker, Giver of Love”
Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

“I believe in Love – actually I believe in the concept of True Love – but Love in general is what I believe to be the glue, holding life together.  It is the greatest cause of joy, and peace – and also sadness and pain.
“I believe in Yin and Yang, that there is always a pull towards balance in all things; that actions have consequences, that there is justice, karma.
“I believe in the collective unconscious, that there is a connection to everything, and everyone, and that there are so many things we do not yet understand.
“I believe in honesty and in truth. Without truth, nothing is real – if it’s not real, how can there be meaning to it?
“I believe in kindness, generosity, peace, integrity, tolerance, humour … and all that good stuff. I believe people are innately good, and ultimately mean well, or mostly so, even when it may not seem that way.
“I believe in travel – that it is an opportunity to grow.

“Two quotes I really like are:

“You have to live spherically, in many different directions – never lose your childish enthusiasm; and good things will come your way” – Under The Tuscan Sun.

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wander are lost”  – The Lord of the Rings.”

Originally posted here December 2010.

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