Crystal, 19

“Let’s see… Since coming [to Peru] I read a book called Same Soul, Many Bodies. And, for the first time in my life I believed in reincarnation, and that life is a pre-determined by my soul. If I choose not to live by my soul’s calling, I step off the path, but can step back on at any time.
“Our reincarnations are not linear: you can move into the future, or the past, or a separate Universe entirely… but those lives are harder to recall. Our lives, our reincarnations are dictated by what we need to learn. Once we learn all these lessons, we reunite into a super-soul. We broke into separate souls, into individuality to learn the lessons we need to come together and learn to appreciate one another. Our purpose as a soul is forgiveness – not just for others, but for ourselves. When we like or dislike someone, it is simply us seeing some things that we accept, or don’t accept in ourselves.
“When you think something about someone else, you affect them on a molecular level – even if you are far apart. Thoughts travel over vast distances. I believe one of the most self-healing things you can do is to give to others – mentally, physically and spiritually.
“These days, the source of most ailments in mental. By changing the way you think, to become appreciative and grateful – this has been proven – you can eliminate unhappiness.
“I believe to get into a state where you are more receptive to those realities, it helps to open up the creative side of the self: for me, meditation, dancing and painting work really well.

“The human individual is transient. That’s why it’s good to move around: you can liberate yourself from other people’s ideas about who or what you are.”

Originally posted here November 2012.

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